Dragonfly Spirit Guide

Dragonfly Spirit Guide offers connection with spirits guides, angels and deceased loved ones.

Since very young I have experienced visions, dreams, premonitions and people that have passed. I have always been curious about the other side. I started reading Tarot cards about 15 years ago. Life has taken me on a very interesting journey.

If you are interested in booking a private or group reading, and you are in the central Florida area, feel free to contact me.

I am able to do Tarot/Oracle card readings and channel spirit. For those at a distance I can do remote connections.

I like to use these gifts for the purpose of healing. I only work with the divine light/source/God and nature, only focusing on the positive to heal and to give messages of hope.

Karina Mercado
Lightworker,Psychic & Medium

You can send me a message through Facebook or gmail.